Proof of Concept



• BOXKAT'S patented flex sections allows the barrier to flex over uneven floor surface. Less than 1/4" gaps at floor keeps mice out

• BOXKAT'S plastic materials keep mice from climbing over 

• BOXKAT'S 14" high walls are too tall for the "House mouse" to jump over

• BOXKAT'S wall sections are easily connected with Velcro-type hook and loop plus a nut and bolt (see 40 mph wind test video) the continuous walls keep mice out 

Mice Experiment

We assembled a 15 square foot enclosure. We let 50 mice run free inside test enclosure for 2 hours. 

No mice were able to escape and after 1 1/2 hours 40 of the mice piled into a corner and took a nap. 


The 50 mice test proves how effective the BOXKAT is at preventing mice from getting to our valuables and vehicles. 

Wind Experiment

We took a 3' x 4' barrier and set it up on a small trailer and anchored to cinder blocks. We towed up to 40 MPH and the BOXKAT stayed connected and anchored in place.


The BOXKAT can take the wind when anchored in place.

Patent Pending

Vacuum molded flex panels are trimmed by cnc router.

Prepped with 1000 pinholes for air vacuum.

Panels are hand sanded to perfect finish.



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